Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Hits...

...just keep on comin'. Hubby came home today with copies of entire job descriptions for two new positions at church. One is a full-time ministry position, the other an administrative support position. Both were designed with no input from my husband.

Is it surprising that the new ministry position reassigns 50% of my husband's responsibilities? And that his job description has not been revised?

I have heard people say that, although churches cannot fire pastors, they can make a pastor very uncomfortable. I never imagined the number of devices by which this could be accomplished.

The creepiest part is that the committee of laypeople who worked on the job descriptions think this will be helping my husband. The senior pastor has framed their task in a way that makes it sound like a positive move.

How does one scream on a blog? I am about to explode.

If there are any modern-day psalmists reading this, please write a lament for me. I have nothing but tears, and I think saltwater damages computers.

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