Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Calendar

2010 I bought a calendar today. It's one of the more optimistic things I've done lately. I have a 2009 calendar, but it's been gathering dust for a few months because I've had no interest in planning more than one day at a time. I'm still pretty apprehensive about special plans or complicated outings, but routines are awesome. Right now there are at least three days every week for which I know exactly what will happen and those are my best days.

The last weekend was long and oppressive. I was on my own with (two of) the kids and the days were vague and disorganized. I lack the energy to create my own plan on that kind of day. I wandered through those two days with no forward motion.

Near the end of summer I remember Husband saying he thought the school-year schedule would help me. I thought he was way off -- the pressure of getting anyone anywhere on time seemed like it would be too much. But it turns out he was right. The requirements of my son's schoolday, and my other plans, motivate me in the short term. And that's much better than no motivation at all.

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