Friday, October 23, 2009

Moody, part 2

This has been a surprisingly good week. I posted a week ago about resentfully starting a mood chart. As it turns out, keeping the chart seems to be helping the mood. Once I started keeping a written tally of my moods, it became easier to think of the moods as happening to me, rather than as a sign of something I am doing wrong.

That little bit of distance from feeling responsible for every up and down seems to have contributed to an emotionally steady week. Every night when I look at this piece of paper and count how many good days I've had, I think "Well, tomorrow I might wake up and be in the ditch again." So, surely, one day I will wake up there. But then I'll come out again. The falling in/climbing out doesn't look quite as terrifying as it did six months ago.

Praise God for small steps.

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  1. How good to learn that what appeared to be a troublesome annoyance has been an encouragement to you. Here's to many more good days in the weeks ahead.


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