Monday, November 30, 2009

Boat in the Desert

I'm reading The Known World, a novel about a black slave owner. One of his slaves, Moses, describes these reflections on his situation:

Moses had through that it was already a strange world that made him a slave to a white man, but God had indeed set it twirling and twisting every which way when he put black people to owning their own kind. Was God even up there attending to business anymore?

That is somehow reassuring to me. I think it helps me appreciate that millions of people before me have felt this way.

The last month has been a lot to deal with. After my son's hospital stay, my husband and I have had a few opportunities to investigate possible career paths. Nothing has yet come to fruition, and there has been some frustration along the way. The net effect is a clearer sense of what ministry setting seems best suited to my husband's gifts, and heightened tension in the present situation (and the foreseeable future).

Is God up there attending to business? Noah must have asked the same question as he built an enormous boat in the desert.

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