Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My husband recently made some sort of morbid joke about sr. pastor and actually said his full name out loud. It was startling to hear his name again. Immediately I felt anxious, angry, prepared to defend. So weird.

I told someone about this and he joked that it's like speaking Voldemort's name aloud in Harry Potter.


  1. I always have trouble speaking or for that matter writing about the devil because I wonder does it get his attention and will he start messing with me. As if my not speaking his name controls anything he does! At least I have no problem asking for Christ's protection.

    Maybe sr. pastor represents a little of the devil to you.


  2. Isn't it interesting the power that a name can have? I think everyone has had a "you-know-who" sometime in their life.

  3. Maybe everyone does. I am not patient about this situation.

  4. I had a "sr. pastor" in my life. I didn't have much patience either but could only call the symptoms I exhibited at the thought of him as "terets" I could string quite a few foul words together. Calling it terets made my wife and I laugh even though it wasn't a laughing matter.

    My first reaction to the Voldemort comment made me laugh out loud. I thought it funny even though its not a laughing matter.

    I gave a lot of power to my "sr. pastor" that he didn't even know he had over me. And I became irrational. Actually, for awhile, suicidal.

    I still don't understand what happened but it was more my problem than his. I am not defending my "sr. pastor" but only in hindsight can I somewhat see that he had a lot of problems.

    My second reaction to the Voldemort comment is still...kinda funny. One word can summarize so much.


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