Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prayerfully Considering

A church has called Husband to be its pastor. I think that this should be very exciting to me. It is kind of exciting, but right now it seems more overwhelming. Taking a call requires a lot of energy. Staying here is unsatisfying and will eventually be financially impossible, but it's a grating kind of anxiety rather than a decisive challenge.

In the last few weeks I've finally started to believe that we need to move away from here. Proximity to our last congregation makes it difficult to feel separate from the trauma we met there.

We have, like most clergy families, moved lots. Every previous move was sad but I looked forward to discovering what I would love about our new home. I don't feel that way this time. When I imagine moving I feel exhausted about getting acquainted with a new community, new people, new schools....

Can a move still be good even if it makes me want to hide?

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  1. Would you possibly be moving to an area that brings you closer to family or a better support network? I would see if the other Pastor's in the area are on the same page as your hubby so you can find a safe friendship among the wives. My hubby's circuit is not conducive to personal relationships between the wives and I really would like that. As for movng it self I can see why it might be terrifying you know what the bad things are where you are at and you don't know about where you are going. I will be praying. And I know that you know the Lord will be your strength if you do move.

    I will be excited for you!



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