Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here We Are

The move is done. We're in a new home, getting acquainted with a new congregation, trying to remember where we packed our toothbrushes and underwear.

In the last week, we have been given:
chocolate chip cookies
zucchini bread
a french silk pie
a pan of chicken enchiladas
banana bread
bundt cake

Today someone rang my doorbell at a very reasonable mid-morning hour and I was still in pajamas. (Life is just like that around here sometimes.) It was a woman of my mother's age holding a loaf of bread. That I was not in streetclothes was only briefly awkward as we introduced ourselves and shared pleasantries.

Happily, I find I am not skeptical about any of these gifts. I do not accept them wondering at what point the giver will feel disappointed in me and turn away. I accept them as expressions of God's generosity and the congregation's delight in our arrival.


  1. So glad to hear you are settling in and are receiving a warm welcome. I've been thinking of you and praying for good things.

    (I think you should just go out and buy all new, and very fancy, underwear. You deserve a little splurge!)

  2. Well, fancy that. I just read this and then saw that you had commented on my "Authentic" post. :) How wonderful that they are embracing you and that you can embrace the embracing!

  3. Good for you! You never know if one of those people who will ring your doorbell will be the friend of a lifetime. I'm praying that will happen.

  4. This is really neat. I'm so happy for you. That list is similar to the list I would've had to make for our first month in our new church too. And thanks to that list I've gained about ten pounds. argh!

  5. It is very nice. @ Gina, thanks for the prayer. I'm sure I will find a good friend here, but it takes time. When I met people at the installation many said they didn't expect me to remember their names. I replied that I will stay a long time so I can learn everyone's name. It's a nice thought.


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