Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pharmacy Round 1, 2, 3 ...

My husband and I have spent most of this week at the doctor's office or the pharmacy. We took a break for the storm event of the decade. (Like many Lutherans, we live in the midwest.) Our community was at a standstill for a couple of days.

Friday - school nurse calls to tell me oldest child has ringworm and needs doctor's note to return to school on Monday. Schedule appt. with pediatrician and am advised to use Tinactin.
Saturday - husband to urgent care (sinus infection)
Monday - oldest to doctor, who says yes this is ringworm and treat it with Tinactin. (I spent the whole morning and $20 on this.)
Tuesday - storm arrives
Wednesday - life on hold for storm. No school. Crazed children trapped in my house.
Thursday - middle child to dr. (strep)
Friday - youngest child to dr. for follow-up on ear infection. It was in just one ear, now it is in both.

It's the kind of week that makes me feel like I will never be free of my children. I do love them. I love that my oldest is interested in chapter books now. I love that our middle child always has an answer when I ask if he had a dream last night ("I was on a pogo stick shooting bad guys with a water gun"). I love it when our youngest complains that his brother is "saying too many words. I want a turn!"

I also want them to LEAVE ME ALONE! Anyone want to meet me in Hawaii for a couple of weeks on the beach?


  1. OOooo! Oooo! I'm up for Hawaii and sun and surf and leaving the kids here in the midwest snow and cold! Oh my your kids make me laugh. But I know just what you mean. "I just want them to leave me alone!" has come out of my mouth many a time. You know what my hubby did for me this past week? Sent me away for almost 4 whole days. Yes, he did. There is a retreat center connected with a monastery near us. The retreat center can be used for private, self retreats. And that is what i did. Days of quiet for reading, reflecting and writing. May I suggest you see what might be available for you in your area? (We alloted Christmas gift money for this expense.)

  2. What a fantastic gift! I have looked into similar retreats but have never done one. The challenge right now is not so much financial (I can visit some family or friends who will give me space to be alone) as it is the kids. Arranging child care is a major project, and right now I'm concerned about their sense of security. I have been sick for so long and our life has been off kilter. I am constantly uncertain about the balance between what I need (time to myself!) and what my husband and kids need (security, predictability, assurance of my well-being).

    Let's sit on the beach and work it all out. :)


  3. I hide in the bathroom, they have figured it out though and started knocking. I told my husband a little while back that I needed some time to myself and would he give up his Sat. mornings so I could go to garage sells. He said yes. I haven't been to one yet but knowing I can helps. I have taken two quilting classes on Sat.'s and it has been great ( except for the concussion, another story)
    But don't think I don't want to go with you and Jenny to Hawaii for a minute, that sounds wonderful!

  4. I'm sure you know this already, but I need reminders so I'm offering one to you. I understand how hard it is right now with the need your family has of stability and security. The need you have for quiet and renewal is just as important. Please don't let it slide. This is why my husband sent me away. I don't have an answer for the childcare issue, other than if we are close enough I'd be happy to help out! Work to find something that works for your family. Something like Jeri has - every Monday you escape to your friends quiet home for 3 hours? Praying for you...


Thanks for using this space to share your encouraging words.