Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Church on Sunday was a bust. Chaos at home beforehand, crying clinging children during, tantrum child destroyed his own bedroom afterward. Had briefly considered staying home, and later felt like I should have gone with that inclination.

Feeling fragile today. Can have an entirely competent conversation about something important, and then be tearful immediately after. I think this is a one-hour-at-a-time day.


  1. My children and the one the organist leaves with me were rotten in church Sunday as well. Then the whole day was a bust. I told my hubby I was going to the movies and leaving them with him if things didn't get better after cub scouts. Fortunately they did but only for a little while and then it was to late for the movies! We all survived. Must have been weird weather vibes or something.

    Hope things are going better today!

  2. Its not one hour at a time, sweetie, its one breath at a time. One breath in, one breath out; kid blows up, kid calms down; husband vents, wife listens; wife cries, husband wipes away the tears; A prayer is lifted to heaven, Jesus receives it like incense.....


Thanks for using this space to share your encouraging words.