Friday, February 26, 2010


And now, a little spying. A few days ago my husband was talking to someone from a local congregation that is interested in having him help them out for a while, and maybe to call him eventually if they can gather the funds. An elder from our congregation was in the same coffee shop and apparently eavesdropping on their conversation and thought there must be something untoward about. The elder didn't speak to my husband, but he reported the conversation to the senior pastor.

Are they a bunch of teenage girls?


  1. Yup, they are. They are "Mean Girls." Amazes me how the church members you have to put up with are so similar to the church members that made my husband's ministry so difficult. It really was like trying to impress the snobs in high school that ruled the school when we really just wanted to do God's work and be accepted for who we were. The pressure to conform to their ideals (which were wrong) made our life miserable and ruined a ministry.

  2. Disturbing how far people will go to violate what little privacy a pastor's family has.

    If the other congregation is willing and your husband is able to find another job, they could Call him as their pastor anyway, with the understanding that it would be a part-time position until they can afford to pay him. I had to turn down just such a Call because I couldn't find another job.

    Or they could contact someone at the Augustana Ministerium. They might be willing to help financially to make the situation viable.

  3. I'm so sorry that happened. Privacy and trust is so important. I feel bad that such a vital thing was taken from you and your family. Hopefully the end of this season is in sight... I'm sure you are so ready to move on. I've been praying for you.

  4. I think the lack of trust is what distresses me the most. People value what they value, and it's ok with me that we often disagree about that. What is so destructive is the active distrust of my husband, manipulation, secret conversations and gossip.

    Thank you all for your prayers.


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